3 Moms Share What’s Inside Their Toddler Bags

3 Moms Share What’s Inside Their Toddler Bags

Admit it: If you’re a parent with a baby or a toddler, your bag becomes your third arm. You never leave home without it, whether you’re in the car, on the plane or in a movie theater where everyone is very quiet. And it must be fully stocked at all times — or else you’re going to hear about it. Need some suggestions for how to best stock your baby or toddler bag? Or just curious how other people to do it? Three Whole Foods Market parents have shared some of their favorite items to help you be even more of a hero than you already are.

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1. Amanda, Sr. Digital Product Manager

“My husband and I love to travel. Having kids has not stopped our lifestyle, thanks to using a shared checklist app. It keeps us sane. It helps us pack their carry-on bag: books, headphones, one stuffed animal/toy and their water bottle. And tons of snacks, especially on long flights. Earth’s Best Organic Letter of the Day Cookies are great because the kids can spell words with them, too. It makes time fly!”

2. Becky, Marketing Operations Lead

“My son loves going to the grocery store. We hit the produce section first to grab precut cantaloupe so he can gnaw on it the whole trip. That way, I stay focused on the shopping. He has his own backpack, so all his snacks go in it for quick access. He’s such a little helper. Right now, he’s into Earth’s Best Organic Pea Crisps. Elmo’s on the box. He smiles at Elmo, and Elmo smiles back.”

3. Nichele, Digital Marketing Lead

“My strategy? I make sure the bag is always stocked. I refill it as soon as my sons and I get home. I mean, I take care of the bag before I even take care of myself! Ha! And while I do it, I occupy them with a snack, like an Earth’s Best Strawberry Banana Smoothie Pouch, and I turn on “Sesame Street.” It’s been around for 50 years, which is pretty incredible if you think about it. It kept me entertained as a kid, too!”

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