3 Solutions to Your Biggest Snack Emergencies

You’re leaving work to go to a gym class and want to eat something quickly because you haven’t eaten since lunch — snack emergency. You’re in the passenger seat of a car on a long drive — snack emergency. A date turns out to be drinks only, and they’re a slow talker — snack emergency. Yes, snack emergencies are very real, and they are situations that can’t be solved with a simple potato chip or cracker.

Popcorn, just in the nick of time, is going through a renaissance — packaged, puffed, made with simple ingredients and delicious flavors. SkinnyPop’s entire line is Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and insanely satisfying. So, yes — the perfect solution to all those snack emergencies is right in the bag.

Solution #1:

Bags of their Butter and Original flavors are filled with airy, light, crunchy cloudlets of subtly salty, flavorful popcorn — perfect for an on-the-go snack before your yoga class or while you’re sitting in the passenger seat during that car ride. Open a bag of the White Cheddar and expect a look of envy from your slow-talking date who “didn’t feel like eating” as you say goodnight.

Solution #2:

Need to sneak something into a movie theater? Their Popcorn Mini Cakes are small enough for a closed-mouth chew. SkinnyPop makes a sweet Cinnamon & Sugar Popcorn Mini Cake. (Yes, dessert emergencies happen, too.) Not craving something sweet? Try the Sea Salt or Sharp Cheddar Popcorn Mini Cakes.

Solution #3: 

SkinnyPop’s Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn is lightly salted and pops in a box — so smart. It’s perfect for when you’re getting ready to plant yourself on the couch for the next several hours watching your favorite television show. Or, you know, the biggest snack emergency of all … when you’re just really hungry and craving popcorn.

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