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4 Things to Know When You’re Shopping for Roses

You’ve made a mental note to not forget to buy flowers this Valentine’s Day — and this year, you’re not just getting any flowers, you’re getting roses. We’ve got your mission on lockdown: Our stores offer many varieties of roses each week, so we know a thing or two about these iconic flowers. Read on to learn what you need to know when you’re picking up a bouquet — and then, you know, gifting a bunch. And maybe buy an extra bouquet for yourself … because #selflove.

1. Know the story behind your roses.

We carry Whole Trade roses, and we have worked with the farms that grow these roses — including new varieties — for more than 10 years because these beautiful flowers are a real win-win.

Not only does our Whole Trade program highlight our commitment to better wages and working conditions for growers, but a portion of every sale goes toward programs that benefit the communities of the people who grow them, determined by the workers themselves. So, every time you purchase Whole Trade roses, your purchases help fund programs like scholarships to high schools and college, adult education, housing development, transportation and childcare services in Ecuador and Colombia. So when you’re gifting Whole Trade roses, you’re also giving back — making them an extra-thoughtful gift.

2. Use your senses.

Roses should look fresh and smell nice. Rose heads should feel firm, and the foliage shouldn’t make a crunching sound from dehydration.

3. Choose the color with care.

There is a long-standing language of flowers that’s said to have been finely tuned during the Victorian era when flowers were used to express feelings which otherwise couldn’t be spoken. So this Valentine’s Day, avoid sending mixed messages (awkward) by brushing up on what different colors mean.

  • Red — true love, passion & respect
  • Dark red — beauty, perfection & adoration
  • Pink — romance & admiration
  • Deep pink — appreciation, gratitude & sincerity
  • Light pink — sweetness & gentleness
  • Orange — desire, passion & excitement
  • White — spiritual love, purity & new beginnings
  • Yellow — warmth, joy & friendship
  • Lavender — love at first sight

4. Ask for help.

Team members from our Floral department can answer your questions, create an arrangement and wrap your roses — for free. Time-saving tip: While they wrap, go pick up dinner, wine, chocolates (Vosge Haut-Chocolat bars, anyone?), or maybe even our Sweetheart Cake. Or swing by Whole Body to find the kinds of gifts you don’t eat. Talk about a Valentine’s Day win. 

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