Our Guide to Peak-Season Berries

When you’re cooking for summer, think of berries as your sous chef and let them do the heavy lifting. Plus, with low prices on berries, you can stock up on these summer heroes for less. Here are a few of our favorite ways to let them shine while they’re at peak flavor:


The quintessential berry of summer. Strawberries don’t ripen off the vine, so seek out the reddest, most fragrant strawberries you can find. Driscoll’s picks their strawberries by hand, so they’re perfect for:


Plump and juicy blueberries brighten up mornings and can sweeten so much more than your morning smoothie. To find the freshest, look for a white haze covering the berry. Add to:

  • Fluffy pancakes deserving of a leisurely morning
  • A frosty pitcher of Blueberry Mint Lemonade
  • Your favorite bowl of granola


Sun-ripened to peak sweetness, Driscoll’s juicy raspberries are always welcome on a fresh fruit tart or stuffed in French toast with cream cheese. Look for brightly colored and firm raspberries for the best texture and flavor. Serve them:

  • Layered in parfaits with yogurt and toasted pistachios
  • With grilled brie on a festive cheeseboard


Satisfyingly juicy and sweet with complex flavors. Look for dark, shiny berries that are also fragrant. Try adding them to:

  • Blackberry cobbler, topped with crème fraîche
  • A mojito with mint from your garden

Berries are highly perishable, so once you get them home from the store, pop them straight in the fridge. Give berries a quick rinse with cool water just before you eat them — any sooner and you’ll decrease their shelf life.

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