Got a grilling question? We’ve got your answer.

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Even the best grill masters need some guidance sometimes — and we’ve got you covered. From ribs to sausages to burgers to vegetables, you’ll find what you need in these FAQ, so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your food — not stressing about how it’s made.

What should I grill? 

You can cook just about anything outside that you cook inside, giving you enough variety to keep things interesting all summer. Besides standards like steaks and hot dogs, think about turning to pork and beef cuts, lamb chops, seafood, poultry and fruits, veggies and plant-based burgers.

Are there some easy favorites?

Sausages — like our fresh house-made ones — and ribs are great since their flavor and moderate fat content are ideal for flame cooking. (More on ribs later!) Burgers are also an all-time favorite, easy to flip and fun to dress up, whether they’re beef, bison, pork, salmon or veggie. Whole Foods Market offers a selection of seasoned beef burgers, like our steakhouse, bourbon peppercorn and blue cheese bacon burgers that can keep you experimenting all season. Stop by the meat counter to check out our Animal Welfare Rated options.

Okay, but what about ribs on the grill? Pork ribs can be seasoned and cooked over indirect heat (see below) until tender, usually one to two hours, then basted with a barbeque sauce and quickly grilled over low flame until browned and delicious. Beef short ribs are also a great cut to grill and cook up quickly.

Can vegans have fun at the grill?

Totally. Grilling concentrates the flavors of vegetables and fruits, which makes them some of our favorite things to grill. And the smoky-sweet flavor of grilling gives plant-based burgers (like the plant-based Beyond Meat Burger) more cred than just about any other way of cooking them

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