Tomato Grazing Platter

Learn How to Build a Tomato Grazing Platter

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It’s like a cheese plate ­— only brighter, sweeter and juicier. Not just eye candy for social media, grazing platters are a fun way to entertain and can feature something for everyone. For a sweltering summer day outside, let peak-season heirloom tomatoes get all the attention at your next gathering.

How to get organized:

  1. Select tomatoes:
    Choose various colors, shapes and sizes. We’ve listed some of our favorites below.

  2. Find your largest platter. 
    No platter? Grab a large wooden cutting board or a few plates instead.

  3. Prep tomatoes:
    Cut larger tomatoes into ⅓-inch thick slices, leave smaller tomatoes whole or skewer cherry tomatoes and blister on the grill.

  4.  Assemble:
    Start with large slices of tomato and shingle across platter, grouping by color.

  5. Garnish:
    Embellish with something for everyone:
  • Salted Marcona almonds
  • Fried capers
  • Clusters of fresh basil, mint or thyme
  • Marinated olives
  • Rolled slices of charcuterie
  • Oil-marinated artichoke hearts
  • Plain goat cheese topped with pesto
  • A ball of fresh Burrata

Right before serving, add flaky sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil and black pepper. Then sit back, uncork that bottle of wine and let the grazing begin.

Shopping Guide:

Not sure which tomatoes to pick? Here’s an easy primer based on color and flavor.

Cherokee Purple Tomato illustration

Cherokee Purple

Rich, deep flavor with a firm, dense texture

Brandywine tomato illustration

Brandywine (Red/Pink)

Heavy “slicer” with low-acidity sweetness

Orange Persimmon illustration

Orange Persimmon

Juicy, fruity sweet flavor, fewer seeds

Marvel Stripe Tomato illustration

Marvel Stripe (Yellow)

Mild, sweet and fruity with low acidity

Grape & Cherry Tomatoes:

Sweet 100s illustration

Sweet 100s — Traditional tomato flavor with sweeter finish

Mini Charms Tomato illustration

Mini Charms — Balanced sweetness and acidity, classic tomato flavor


Sun Gold Tomato illustration

Sun Gold — Tangy-sweet, a fruity pop of flavor

Black Cherry Tomato illustration

Black Cherry — Very sweet, highly flavored

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