How LÄRABAR Raised the (Literal) Bar on Simple Ingredients

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In 2000, then Whole Foods Market team member Lara Merriken was hiking the Rocky Mountains, eating trail mix and wishing she was eating something else when she had a realization: The ideal hiking snack, in her opinion, had yet to be made. My vision was to create something that stayed true to my own beliefs of using simple, whole ingredients but tasted indulgent and delicious,” she says. And also: It had to be easily portable.

It took long days in her kitchen with a food processor, a rolling pin and a lot of friends and family volunteering to taste-test before she found the perfect combinations of fruit, nuts and spices to make a delicious bar. “My flavor inspirations came from desserts like pies, cakes and cookies,” Lara remarks, “but I only used simple ingredients.” She created rich flavors with few ingredients like Cashew Cookie, which has only two — cashews and dates for sweetness.

The rest is history. Lara was working a morning shift at a Whole Foods Market in Colorado when she spotted her regional manager at the back of the store. She knew it was the right time to tell him about what she had created. She ran home on a break to pick up her bars and rushed back to the store. After a bit of hesitation, he took a bite — and was instantly sold. “He told me my product was incredibly innovative and that when I was ready, he would let me bring it into the Colorado Whole Foods Market stores.”

“At the time I launched LÄRABAR in 2003, the idea of eating simple, whole food ingredients was just beginning to become important to consumers in the U.S.,” Lara recalls. “People were thrilled to find that you could have it all — simplicity, whole food ingredients and something that actually tastes delicious.” Plus, the ingredient list is short and sweet.

LÄRABAR continues to create decadent flavors with simple ingredients, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. “My journey with LÄRABAR has been nothing short of remarkable — it’s beyond my wildest dreams that millions of people are enjoying a product that I created in my own tiny kitchen. I strive to stay true to my original intent, and with that, I infused LÄRABAR with life, flavor and fun. It’s turned out to be a magic formula.”

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