Your New Favorite Snacks

Meet Your New Favorite Snacks for Winter Couching

One of winter’s best activities? Staying in. But you’ve got to do it right. There’s an art to creating the right pillow-blanket-couch setup, finding the perfect remote-to-couch distance and, of course, curating the perfect array of snacks. You want that salty satisfaction — food you can eat right out of the bag and flavors that warm you in your fluffy bunny onesie (that nobody else ever sees). 

Here are some of our favorites to curl up with. Why go outside when the best snacks are in here?

Wilde Chicken Chips

Yes, chicken is a chip now. Really. This thin, crispy chip, made from chicken breast “breaded” in tapioca flour is perfect for paleo-friendly snacking. Get that salty-savory flavor just like with any great chip. Get seven grams of protein per serving, not just like any other great chip.

Perky Jerky Wagyu Beef Jerky

Isn’t wagyu some of the finest beef available? Yes. And they’re making a jerky out of it? Yes. This keto-friendly snack is made from wagyu beef and has a unique marbling that brings out deep, savory satisfying flavor. It’s likely the best jerky you’ve ever had — save it for Episode 7, where they do the big reveal. Each serving packs in 11 grams of protein.

4505 Chicharrones, 4505 Cracklins

One of the best things about eating a paleo-friendly or keto-friendly diet? You can put pork rinds on your snacking menu. Good ones, made by people who care about the ingredients, the process and the eating experience. Cracklins have a richer and more decadent taste (since they are pork rinds with extra fat from the pig), and since chicharrones are rind-only, they’re light as air. 4505 knows their way around both.

Wonderful Pistachios

Looking for something a little less — okay, a lot less — meat-centric? Pistachios manage the trick of feeling like a truly special snack with all the comfort food notes of a friendly little nut. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian (or anything, really), these are what you’re looking for — whether you prefer them shelled or you’re more of an experience person (a.k.a., you like to de-stress by de-shelling pistachios). Eat slowly, the next break isn’t until the credits.

Love Corn Roasted Corn Snacks

Corn is everywhere in the snacking world. These little, salty nuggets are different. They’re innovative in their simplicity — just the kernels, roasted for a unique, extra-corny, extra-crunchy crunch. Another difference maker? And the bag fits perfectly in a well-blanketed lap.

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