5-Minute Tricks for Your Before, During and After-School Routine

There’s a lot to tackle when the school year hits — it’s not all new backpacks and school supplies. Getting back in the swing of things can mean scrambling out the door to get to school on time or figuring out this year’s favorite lunch box snacks. We know the drill.

Thankfully, Organic Valley has a range of products to help get you through the day, including their newest milk: Ultra. We’re talkin’ the first ever organic, ultra-filtered milk. That means more protein, less sugar* and no lactose.

So let’s simplify where we can together, shall we? Here are a few five-minute tricks to get your before-, during- and after-school routine up and running.

  1. Breakfast.

    Get out the door quickly by setting out everything the night before, including a bowl, spoon, napkin, cup and your favorite granola. That way in the morning, all you have to do is grab your Organic Valley milk and grab-and-go snacks from the fridge and get going.

    Another breakfast-time trick: Keep a slew of your favorite smoothie packs in your freezer. Pour one in the blender along with Organic Valley Ultra and consider breakfast ready to go. Smoothies are especially great on the go, too.

  2. Lunch.

    Organic Valley Stringles. Say it with us: Stringles. The ultimate lunch box hero, the crème de la crème of cheesy school snacks. Keep them in your fridge before packing them into lunch boxes with Organic Valley Single Serve Low-fat 1% Chocolate Milk for a snack the next morning. Your kids will thank you later (that “later” might not roll around until adulthood, but it’ll happen, nonetheless).

  3. After School.

    The night before, dip blueberries and grapes into delicious, creamy Organic Valley Grassmilk Yogurt. Then roll them in chopped nuts (optional) and place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet to freeze. Once they’re chilled, transfer the yogurt-covered fruit to a resealable bag for easy storage. They’re an ideal after-school snack — even for yourself.

Wanna know how these tricks just got even easier to accomplish? Organic Valley’s new high-protein,* less sugar,** ultra-filtered milk: Ultra, Stringles and Grassmilk Yogurts are on sale for 25% off right now at your local Whole Foods Market. You could even make it as simple as “Alexa, add Organic Valley Ultra Milk to my shopping list.” Happy school year from us to you.

*Protein is 26% of your daily value.

**Contains 6 grams of sugar compared to regular whole milk, which contains 12 grams of sugar.

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