School Year Snack Solutions for the Whole Family.

The school year has returned. With it comes early-morning breakfast, packed-to-go lunches, after-school snacking and family dinner — but try not to panic yet. While it can feel like too much to tackle, we have some suggestions that’ll make getting back into the school-year routine easier for the whole family. Let’s take this one step at a time, deep breaths included. Sound good?


Think of Zespri SunGold Kiwis as the sweeter, juicer, more tropical version of your average kiwi. In other words: It’s especially simple to sneak in extra fruit when it tastes as good as these do. Just two of these kiwis make for your daily allowance of vitamin C, so pop two in a lunch box for a school snack or slice a couple into halves for breakfast — all you’ll need’s a spoon (and perhaps a napkin … they really are as juicy as we’re making them out to be).

Horizon Organic

Skip the juice and opt for Horizon Organic Milk for the school year. As a perfect complement to cereal or an ideal lunch box hero, Horizon Organic Milks span from breakfast to dinnertime. Not only is their milk a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin D, they’re also a proud supporter of Whole Kids Foundation. That’s a well-rounded milk.

Happy Family

Add some Happy Family Organics to your life for an even happier family. By consulting with pediatricians and registered dietitians, they’ve formulated organic Happy Baby Organics and Happy Tot Organics foods that are age- and stage-specific. From simply delicious starting solids of fruit and veggie purées to Fiber & Protein Pouches to Superfood Puffs, these products are created to get your child from cooing to crawling to talking. And you can rest better at night knowing that organic means no GMOs, no toxic persistent pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers and no antibiotics or added growth hormones.

Not only are they a supporter of Whole Kids Foundation, directly impacting the lives of local kids for the better, but for every eight pouches you buy, Happy Family Organics will donate one product to little ones in need.* Family values at its finest.

Annie’s Homegrown

Annie’s makes everything easier. With parent-approved ingredients and flavors your kids already love, it’s an easy choice for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner — from cereals to their deliciously creamy mac ’n’ cheese. Plus, they’re a supporter of Whole Kids Foundation, helping to grow healthy kids. Actually, that makes it great at breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and extracurriculars. A+ for Annie’s.

Natural Vitality; Renew Life; Rainbow Light

There’s nothing that truly says “routine” like supplements. With the school year at hand, it might finally be time to build a supplement routine of your own with Natural Vitality Calm, Renew Life Probiotics and Rainbow Light multivitamins. Morning, noon and night — get in some self-care where you can.

So how are we feeling? A bit more prepared, perhaps? Getting back into the swing of things can be challenging enough. Make the small steps easier with all of these wonderful solutions — they’re even on sale right now at your local Whole Foods Market. Consider it our way of saying “happy school year!”

*Valid 9/1 – 9/28

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