You’re getting ready for a party and going through the usual pre-hosting checklist. Do we have food for everyone? Snacks? Drinks? When deciding what to put on the table, it comes down to finding food that everyone is able to enjoy.

Thankfully, there are solutions. Topo Chico, which has been bottling mineral water since 1895, and Siete Family Foods, which has an equally rich history (even if it’s just been around since 2014), both value getting everyone together over good food and drinks. And despite the age difference between these two brands, they have a lot in common.

As Veronica Garza, cofounder of Siete, puts it, “As two companies rooted in our Mexican American culture, our values are similar — both of us believe in the power of sharing meals and gathering together.”

Siete’s story might feel relatable to people with dietary restrictions who have found themselves feeling like they can’t enjoy food at the family dinner table. When Veronica was a teenager, she “had to give up some of [her] favorite foods like flour tortillas,” which were a staple to her and her family’s diet. But with love and support in her corner, the whole family 

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