You’re getting ready for a party and going through the usual pre-hosting checklist. Do we have food for everyone? Snacks? Drinks? When deciding what to put on the table, it comes down to finding food that everyone is able to enjoy.

Thankfully, there are solutions. Topo Chico, which has been bottling mineral water since 1895, and Siete Family Foods, which has an equally rich history (even if it’s just been around since 2014), both value getting everyone together over good food and drinks. And despite the age difference between these two brands, they have a lot in common.

As Veronica Garza, cofounder of Siete, puts it, “As two companies rooted in our Mexican American culture, our values are similar — both of us believe in the power of sharing meals and gathering together.”

Siete’s story might feel relatable to people with dietary restrictions who have found themselves feeling like they can’t enjoy food at the family dinner table. When Veronica was a teenager, she “had to give up some of [her] favorite foods like flour tortillas,” which were a staple to her and her family’s diet. But with love and support in her corner, the whole family decided to adopt an entirely grain-free diet. It wasn’t easy.

At the time, there weren’t a lot of products that were still a part of family recipes and traditions without grains. That’s when Veronica decided to make her own, so she and her family could enjoy meals together again. First, she began with creating “… an almond flour tortilla that [her] whole family could eat and love.” In 2014, Siete’s Almond Flour Tortillas were their first product to launch in stores in Austin, Texas. Now, they sell a wide variety of family-table-friendly products, including Tortilla Chips made with cassava flour and without grains, as well as Cashew Queso, made without dairy.

Topo Chico’s heritage runs as deep as its ancient springs. “We are from the earth and down to earth since 1895,” David De La Garza, Topo Chico’s head of marketing remarks. Legends say when a beautiful Aztec princess had fallen ill, her father, the Aztec Emperor, ordered an expedition to some hidden springs for her to drink from the mineral water. There, she regained her joy, strength and refreshment.

These days, Topo Chico is restoring joy to friends and family across Mexico and the United States. De La Garza’s history with Topo Chico dates back to his childhood, where he grew up in none other than Topo Chico’s place of origin, Monterrey, Mexico. “It was something that always intrigued me — Topo Chico, the thermal water, the rich history of the area,” said De La Garza.

Topo Chico has become popular for being a beverage that anyone can drink at a party — even if you’re passing on alcohol for the night. Talk about solutions for everyone! Plus, hasn’t it been said that tiny bubbles bring people together? No? Just us? Well …

Now let’s check that party-hosting list again. Siete Lime Tortilla Chips dipped into creamy Cashew Queso, the Cassava Tortillas of your taco-dinner dreams stuffed and topped with creamy, savory Jalapeño Hot Sauce and the mellow, bubbly bite of a straight-from-the-source Topo Chico sparkling mineral water — all without a single grain in sight.

And the best part? Not only is everyone invited, everyone can eat. And in the end, we can toast to togetherness with an ice-cold, bubbly sip. Plus, that ice-cold sip of Topo Chico and those delicious Siete products are on sale now at Whole Foods Market. Grab five Topo Chicos for $5 and get 20% off Siete products — and make your party one to remember. *

* Valid 5/1-5/14/19 in-store, unless otherwise noted and while supplies last. Siete sale excludes tortillas, which are 25% off. May be not available at all Whole Foods Market 365™ stores. Refer to the Whole Foods Market app and your local store for availability. Quantities limited. U.S. only. No rain checks.

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